Digital Crypto Assets Management & Trading Platform  for Everyone.

Multi-platform interface

Mobile, Desktop and Web App - highly curated to enhance trading experience.

Multi-order trading options

Limit, Stop Limit, Market and Stop Market orders.

All-in-one trading platform

Secure Wallet, Trading Exchange, Payment Platform - One platform to rule them all.


High-Frequency matching engine

Empowered by one of the fastest and powerful matching engines, HeapX is built to process up to 2.5 Million matching per second.

High Speed

HeapX's high-speed matching engine makes trading effortless.


HeapX is built to accommodate 10 million users at any given time, which makes it highly reliable.

Advanced Charting

Save time with HeapX value-added services to make informed choices.

Trade Analysis

Empowered by TradingView, We provide real-time technical analysis to traders.

Best price target

Optimize results with our highly effective trade analysis to deliver the best price.

Profit/Loss Insights

Get specific trading reports regularly in your mailboxIn-depth trading insights help you to improve your performance by focusing on the metrics that matter.


Top Notch Security

Intelligent threat detection system powered by Machine Learning makes us the most secured trading platform.


Multi-level secured platform*

Multi-Sig Protocol

HeapX is built with Multi Sig Protocol - Multi Sig requirement to confirm transaction makes it foolproof against theft.


Log in to your account securely using Two Factor authentication2FA provides you with greater security than a single key standard wallet because an attacker would not only need access to your wallet file but also to the google authenticator/auth code on your phone.


HeapX - Exchange Charges

Building a crypto exchange with a focus on low trading fees with seamless customer experience.

Trading Fee

We offer incredibly low exchange commission rates, charging a flat 0.1% for all buy and sell orders.


HeapX does not charge a fee for the deposits.


Withdrawal fees vary on a coin-by-coin basis which can be used to pay a network fee every time you want to transfer your assets.

What’s next for HeapX?


HeapX will be deploying all buy/sell orders at a real-time and the trading history through a custom build blockchain which will be publicly available for everyone as a proof of completion.

FIX Protocol API

HeapX will be supporting the Financial Information exchange protocol (FIX) on our platform for professional traders.

Decentralized Exchange

HeapX plans to build a hybrid exchange in the futureThis will allow users to either use our wallet or keep their assets in their own wallets without compromising the speed.

1000+ Pairs

At HeapX our Goal is to support 1000+ trading pairs by the end of this year.