An Intuitive Crypto Trading Exchange, Built for Everyone!

HeapX is a technologically advanced Digital Asset Management Platform with one goal - make trading more Scalable, Secure & Seamless than ever before. 

A delightful experience.

HeapX focuses on building a better crypto platform which is secure and fully featured for all your crypto needs.

Efficient Customer Service

Experience the robust support delivered by highly trained professionals.

End-to-end solutions

HeapX is built to amalgamate all crypto needs on a single platform.


HeapX's technology driven trading platform, with high class security, makes it highly reliable.

Perfect for Beginners

Built with trading analysis and insights, HeapX comes with all the information that is required to get beginners started.

Our solution will act as a frictionless, low-cost and transparent way of trading your Digital Crypto Assets.

Trade Smarter

Save time with HeapX trade analysis to make informed choices.

Multi platform Interface

Mobile, Web, and Desktop app - tailored to enhance trading experience.

Robust Support

Experience quality customer support round the clock by our dedicated professionals.

Increase the security of your funds

HeapX wallet comes with multi level security.
Login to the account requires 2FA and device authentication coupled with multi signature protocol for each transaction. 

Track Growth

HeapX comes with advanced insights - growth tracking mechanism to optimize profits.

Rest and WebSocket API

HeapX API integration - enable value addition to other platforms with live trading and orders info.

Faster Experience

Propelled by the super-fast matching engine, HeapX leverages on high speed to minimize the time for each transaction.

Easy to Use

Multi-platform interface coupled with trading insights make HeapX easy to use.

Better ExperienceFaster Trading.

HeapX - One of a kind, resource optimisation exchange platform which offers seamless trading at the click of a button.